The Perfect Link is the perfect link to improving your game. Nothing lowers your score faster than mastering your putting and chipping techniques. The Perfect Link works because it sets the proper triangle between a golfer’s shoulders, arms and hands (proper putting stance) and successfully prevents several common mistakes leading to improper alignment and missed shots. 

After just a few strokes with the Perfect Link, you will be able to execute a perfect stroke every time. To view online demos and our recommended practice program for the Perfect Link, go to: Drills

Simply adjust the unit fastener to fit a variety of putter grip sizes (small to oversized).

The Perfect Link trains you to maintain constant and proper form between the forearm and putter shaft- Prevents the left wrist from breaking down, Ensures that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are aligned square to the target line, Encourages the correct putting path and Keeps the face square at impact